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One less cup of coffee for you can mean a whole world to these children.

About Us

Sam Empowerment Foundation (SEF) is a registered non – governmental, non-religious, non-political Organization whose sole objective is to provide service to humanity.

SEF came into being in 2013; it was duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2014 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) operating in Nigeria, and has consistently made effort at empowering the lives of orphans and vulnerable children, women, and youths through our thematic area of focus such as Health, Vulnerable Children Interventions, Empowerment, and Civic Engagement.

Send a child to school

SEF through this initiative aims to ensure that orphaned and vulnerable children are given the opportunity of receiving quality education; our goal is to see to it that no is left behind; achieving Education for all.
With your support, they will be enrolled in schools through scholarships, tuition payments as well as providing them with basic educational needs and support.
Let’s join hands to create a better and brighter future for our children


SEF Children Club

SEF Children Club is an avenue where children can interact with one another through their favorite sports and fun activities with a spot light on developing team spirit and interpersonal skills.
The club has aligned several programs that will be routinely carried out within the course of the year. Several prizes will be given to the winners and all participants of the event; such as, educational scholarships, provision of libraries in the orphanages and cash prizes etc.
Other activities of the club are but not limited to:
– SEF Spelling Bee Competition
– SEF Book Club
– SEF Child Art Exhibition Shows.
Our intent is to incorporate approaches whereby learning becomes fun; imbibing the competitive spirit in the children to aspire for greatness.
For the propagation of these club activities; we are looking at securing sponsorship from various International organizations, media houses, schools, Public and Private organization.

Child healthcare initiative

SEF Child Healthcare Initiatives focuses on child and maternal health for vulnerable groups using medical interventions that help prevent and treat illness such as Malaria, Diarrhea, Pneumonia, Vitamins Supplementation and deworming, Multivitamins for Pregnant and Lactating Mothers as well as carrying out HIV/AIDS Testing and Counseling, Hepatis Testing and Counselling, Nutrition Assessment and Counselling, Family Planning, Distribution of Birthing Kits, Blood Pressure test, Fasting Blood Sugar, Optical Check, Menstrual Hygiene/Local Production of Sanitary Pads, Rehabilitation of Primary Healthcare Clinics and Drug Dispensary and General Consultation at the Rural community level.

In addition, our team strives to secure funding for vulnerable groups facing medical challenges requiring urgent attentions within and outside the Country. We raise funds from good spirited individuals, organization and donor agencies to give them hope and mitigate their medical challenges.


Project Inclusive Education for All

Our main focus is to provide the most important things for school- kind teachers and place to study. In last year we already opened 4 schools and accommodated more than 150 students. This year our plan is to increase this numbers to 10 schools and 400 students.



According to World Bank statistics, 2011 females make up 49.30% of the Nigerian Population; within the FCT, women are estimated to be 3,028,807 (UNFPA: 2014); economic independence is an essential dimension of women’s empowerment. Therefore, improving their access to control over resources; increases investments in human capital which in turn improves their children’s health, nutrition, education and future growth.

We believe that everybody has exceptional skills; they only need an enabling environment where they can improve their quality and sustainability.

SEF through its Entrepreneurial Advancement Support Program seeks to empower youths, women and vulnerable groups through skills acquisition and capacity building in a bid to enhance their livelihood, putting them in a vantage position where they can make meaningful contribution to themselves as well as the society at large.

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Our Main Focus

As part of our objectives Sam Empowerment Foundation is committed to making a lasting impact through our strategic interventions that will enhance and develop the well-being of vulnerable Children, Women and Youths through our thematic area of focus.


SEF Thematic Area of Focus

As part of our objectives Sam Empowerment Foundation is committed to making a lasting impact through our strategic interventions that will enhance and develop the well-being of vulnerable Children, Women and Youths through our thematic area of focus.

  • Health
  • Vulnerable Children
  • Empowerment
  • Civic Engagement

These kids require your help!