Send a Child to School Initiative

The Adopt-A-Child Outreach provides an opportunity for good spirited Nigerians to foster kid(s) through our network of orphanages within the FCT by providing them with the basic necessities of life.

The responsibilities of the foster parents are to see to it that even though, the child(ren) are in the care of the orphanages; they are provided with emotional, financial, psychological support as any other privileged child.

The foster parents through the scrutiny of the foundation is expected to make available the basic necessities of the child(ren) such as School fees, Clothing, Medical care as well as celebrating all festive occasions with the children not limited to, Birthdays, Christmas, Easter celebrations. They are also required to visit the orphanage home that houses their foster kid(s) at least once in a month.

So far, we have been able to provide this outreach to a number of children across the FCT. However, our aim is to increase the number of children that will be touched positively through this initiative. We therefore implore everyone to partake in this noble gesture as it goes further to give hope and love to the children.