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What we do


As part of our objectives Sam Empowerment Foundation is committed to making a lasting impact through our strategic interventions that will enhance and develop the well-being of vulnerable Children, Women and Youths through our thematic area of focus.




The objectives are to design and implement strategic intervention that will reduce child mortality rates, improve maternal health care, prevent sexual reproductive health issues, combat HIV and AIDs, malaria, child pneumonia and diarrhea, immunization and strategic behavioral change communication, to educate and sensitize public and rural communities on endemic diseases and provide support.


This is to address and improve the survival, development, care and support of vulnerable children (VC) and strengthen the capacity of the care-givers through strategic interventions in Health, Protection, Household Economic Strengthening, Education, Nutrition & Hygiene, Shelter and Psychosocial Support.


The objectives are to implement strategic intervention programs that will improve the skills and economic wellbeing of youth and women, reduce hunger and poverty as well as inspire them to become employers.


These objectives are geared towards promoting behaviors, social attitudes and socio-economic rights as well as political and civic rights, awareness and mentoring that will promote moral values and integrity, including voters’ education, peace building and development.


Send a Child to School Initiative

The Adopt-A-Child Outreach provides an opportunity for good spirited Nigerians to foster kid(s) through our network of orphanages within the FCT by providing them with the basic necessities of life. The responsibilities of the foster parents is to see to it that even though, the child(ren) are in...

Vulnerable Children (VC)

Psychosocial Support Shelter Food & Nutrition Educational Support Household Economy Strengthening Healthcare

Child Healthcare Initiative

Our team strives to secure funding for Orphaned Vulnerable Children facing medical challenges that require urgent attention in Nigeria. We source for funds internally as well as from good spirited Nigerians to give hope to the children. The goal of our Child Health Initiative is to be able to pay M...

Send a Child to School Initiative

The  Child Education Empowerment scheme seeks to ensure that every Orphaned and Vulnerable Child in our society gets the opportunity of receiving quality education. We strive to provide basic educational needs like Tuition fees, Text books, Uniforms, School shoes etc for the children. Our scope co...

Entrepreneurial Advancement Programme

Our pledge is to alleviate the sufferings of widows & under-privileged women in our society towards achieving self sufficiency. We have impacted the lives of various women by empowering them economically. We have provided them with financial assistance to kick-start their business ideas and tech...

Civic Engagement

At SEF we are working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities through mobilization and peer mentoring that promotes Peace building, Rights & responsibility education, promoting awareness and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that...